NODOLBY "deranged/unlaced" c23


by Martin P
A very spartanly presented tape, on sincope, here; very minimal and clean, with black graphics on a red background. Two tracks, one a side, from an artist who I assume is Italy-based, due to their email address. These two tracks (both near ten minutes apiece) are strikingly different in their sounds and tone, but this polarisation can’t hide the patience and attention to detail that they both share.
The first side, “deranged”, starts with reverberating synth abuse and tape fumble. The overall sound is certainly noisy, but its not especially pummelling or harsh; some of the synth sounds are hard, some are splashy, but they are all softened by the reverb and tape saturation. The tape spew and wobble also adds to this, so that rather than being a work of aggression, its an exploration of decrepitude and decay - and to that end, perhaps also a sense of melancholy.
This feeling is echoed in the second piece, “unlaced”, which takes up side b. The track is entirely made up of acoustic sounds made by household objects (I would assume), vocal/chewing sounds and musical instruments; for instruments, read: guitar, glockenspiel and singing bowl. So, its a clattery, “noisy” collage; with the shades of cartoonishness which always colour this kind of piece. But underlying, I do feel a similar melancholy (or at least glumness); which I can’t clearly explain, but perhaps its due to the use of household objects - hearing inanimate objects singing and brought to life, knowing that they spend most of their time unwoken. So the order of the day is tapping, scraping, banging and bowing; with no discernible processing at all - beyond a small, scratchy, faltering loop that appears midway through the piece. The overall tone presents a much more colourful, dynamic counterpoint to “deranged”. This is a good, little tape. (I don’t use “little” patronisingly, just as a literal description of its length.) Two sides of very different constructions, both with clear care paid to pacing and texture. My only disappointment is that there isn’t a third or fourth track, to really get a sense of the project’s scope and pursuits.


by Emiliano Grigis
Uscita interessante per Nodolby, moniker usato da Michele Scariot dell'etichetta Dokuro, già in passato presente su Sincope con uno split con Compoundead. Come nelle migliori uscite Sincope ci troviamo davanti a qualcosa che è sì di genere ma ha due caratteristiche fondamentali: gusto e quel pizzico di novità e variazione che stimola sempre l'ascolto. Sul lato A Deranged è un brano orientato sulla modulazione del rumore, con ripetizioni di singoli pattern fino ad arrivare vicino alla psichedelia più ipnotica e deragliante: rumore bianco sì, ma anche nastri magnetici, per una spirale sonora coinvolgente. Sul lato B viene però il meglio, perché Unlaced è una improvvisazione tutta acustica, basata sulla successione di suoni e rumori davvero riuscita e raffinata, sempre a forte tasso psichedelico e senza alcuna sbavatura. Bella grafica di copertina di Valerio Beltrame e tiratura ultra limitata in 50 copie.

by Marco Carcasi
Pregevole nastro, avvolto in seducente packaging color sangue. Dove Nodolby (Michele Scariot, boss della Dokuro Records), si produce in due ottime tracce, di scarna e deragliata sperimentazione. Deranged, è grumosa e pigolante astrazione d’impatto (per nastri e delays), frontale ma non contundente, mentre Unlaced, esala aromi esoterici, fra mic a contatto, campane tibetane, corde sfiorate, oggetti sollecitati ed una parvenza di gracile melodia sfregiata. Impro/elettroacustica (post catastrofe), d’ispido impatto emotivo.

SENTIREASCOLTARE - Gimmie Some Inches #33

by Stefano Pifferi
Sempre per Sincope, ma in cassetta, la nuova uscita targata Nodolby, progetto in solo di mr. Dokuro Michele Scariot. Una C20 come ai bei vecchi tempi, mai andati del tutto, del sottobosco industrial noise, in cui Nodolby ci da una bella lezione di rumore incompromissorio. Lato A affidato a Deranged, dieci minuti di solipsistico andirivieni di suoni lo-fi manipolati tramite delay e nastri, per una esperienza a volte sconcertante per livelli di saturazione. L’altra faccia delle medaglia, e l’altro lato della cassetta, appartiene a Unlaced, undici minuti di sfrigolii e strofinamenti di materiali acustici rielaborati tra echi e riverberi che si fanno ipnotici senza bisogno di affogare nel rumore come nel lato opposto. Roba astratta e paradossalmente più intellegibile del whie noise made in Nodolby.

by Demian Johnston
This is a wild little noise & electrical acoustic trip. One side is squelching synth manipulations and the other is this quiet little bit of tape loops, bells and scratchings of some sort. It's quiet and very effective. I actually like the second side quite a bit more. Not that the first is bad but this second side gives you a sonic illustration of what textures in music can really do. The design is clean and simple with a nice use of helvetica. Solid. I like little details how even though the art and text are on one side of the paper, they still went through the effort and expense to copy the other side red. It looks like they care.