by Demian Johnston
This is a funny thing to call your project. Vrooom. I like that. I guess it is pronounced to sound like the word "lawn" and not "room". Anyway, this is brutal noise. It sounds like a lot of glass and monsters in a huge metal dryer just smashing and screaming and bashing while you watch from the relative safety of the window they are crawling at. Some tracks have a psychedelic Twilight Zone feel to them. It's kinda all over but really well done. The tracks are really short too, well for noise tracks. Just a couple minutes each. It's pretty awesome. It is a simple layout. Black on white photocopy with some heavy photoshop looking artwork. Not really that well done but not horrible or anything. I think whoever lays this out needs to design on paper first, then go with inDesign or something that will help with columns and spacing. There is something jammed into every corner and some very computerized looking textures. I think more hand made elements would really help this out. That is just me knit picking though. It's not that bad. Would I buy this? I think I might.