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SAD CAMBODIA "First Metheoretical Bulletin From Sad Cambodia" c34
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First Metheoretical Bulletin, as name says, is the first release of Sad Cambodia, a collaboration duo composed by Stefano (My Dear Killer) and Massimo Onza (Wound). The project was born with the aim of finding a common ground for expression, in an attempt of mixing analogue electronics and acoustic instruments, mainly guitars. Along this path, synths, reverb pulses, objects, samples and noises met dispersed variations over acoustic string drawings. The result are these two tracks, which move towards keeping together the free-form tensions with rarefied, at times, almost melodic parts, alienating passages and post-rock flavour spaces. To summarise the blending of discordant mixtures drifting towards melancholic horizons, we coined the neologism Metheoretical, stemming from theoretical and meteorological. In our sad Cambodia, over the constant rain and heat of the monsoon, can you feel some distant bird singing in the forest? You might, in this first bulletin.

artwork by truculentboy
mixed and mastered at MafarKa BoX

December 2016 / January 2017

pro-dubbed tape and full printed artwork
limited to 70 hand-numbered copies
including download code

co-released with UnderMyBed