. SIN024 .

STEINEBACH "derotation" cdr


Martin Steinebach is an industrial musician
since 1994 with his project Coscentia Peccati.
Throught different names (Monoid, Stillstand and Compest)
he explored different variation of experimental music
from ambient via noise to ritual.
Also has been collaborating with other artists
by creating iterative remixes.
He uses his real name for the more experimental releases.

Derotation is composed from different vinyl manipulations
by the different sound sources (children stories, classical music
and choir works) and combines them with post processing.
It comes out a creaking sound, sometimes ecstatic,
sometimes gloomy and full, which interacts with the space
through a clever use of dynamics
and a fascinating cold minimalist approach.

artwork by truculentboy
full color artwork and hand-painted cdr
limited to 50 hand-numbered copies